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KRATOS + Peregrine Defense

August 10, 2023
Oklahoma City, OK

Peregrine Defense is extremely proud to announce it has partnered with Kratos Defense & Security Solutions for testing and development of the Visual Identification and Counter Air Targeting (VICAT) system.

“We are absolutely thrilled”, said Peregrine Defense CEO Bradley Frost. “Development in this space is a priority for the Air Force and that drives our focus. Partnering with KRATOS to move the VICAT system from simulation to full-suite testing is monumental. The future is bright.”

Steve Fendley, President of Kratos Unmanned Systems Division, said, “Kratos is focused on technology, technology application, and maximizing capability at affordable costs. Partnering with Peregrine Defense, notably also in OKC near our Valkyrie Production facility, is a perfect example of realizing these objectives with a company providing unique technology at an affordable cost to help enable Tactical UAS. We look forward to our work with Peregrine on VICAT and continued capability expansion of the Valkyrie.”

“We are confident that our relationship with KRATOS will be mutually beneficial in multiple ways”, stated Andy Noble, Technical Consultant for VICAT. “Our infrastructure for VICAT fully integrated with the Valkyrie system is a perfect testbed. That’s where we are going over the next several months.”

Peregrine Defense has been working with the Air Force on other projects in the realm of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. The company is currently on contract with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to test its Analytical Environment for Repair and Overhaul (AERO) software. Using algorithms developed in-house, Peregrine Defense is helping move the Air Force to a predictive maintenance environment.

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