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Analytical Environment for
Repair and Overhaul

AERO: Harnessing data to stay in the fight longer

The Peregrine collective developed the Analytical Environment for Repair and Overhaul (AERO) algorithms to showcase how powerful AI can be with unstructured data. With access to millions of data points from the U.S. Air Force, Peregrine Defense is leading the Air Force into the expansive realm of predictive maintenance.

AERO can take native engine data, while in transit or at rest, and assemble, or add to, a comprehensive engine profile that is tracked in a mesh network environment.

AERO's core functionality and components are as follows:

AERO develops predictive models for each critical turbine engine component, including but not limited to blades, compressors, turbines, and bearings. These models predict the remaining useful life of components and the likelihood of impending faults or failures.

AERO continuously monitors the health and performance of turbine engines in real-time during operation. It assesses data from sensors and other sources, comparing it to established baselines and historical patterns to detect deviations or abnormalities.

When AERO identifies a potential fault or degradation in engine components, it generates detailed reports for maintenance teams. These reports include the specific component at risk, the expected time until failure, and recommended maintenance actions.

AERO assists maintenance teams in optimizing maintenance schedules. It helps prioritize tasks based on the severity of predicted faults, ensuring that limited resources are allocated efficiently.

AERO represents a groundbreaking solution in predictive maintenance, ensuring the readiness and reliability of fighter engines while minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. Its unparalleled accuracy and proactive approach empower defense organizations to achieve mission success with confidence.