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Conducting research today to solve the problems of tomorrow. The Peregrine collective conducts internal research as well as tandem research with a vast network of academic institutions. Areas of research include advanced simulation, computer vision, machine learning, hypersonic systems, and unmanned aerial systems. Each area of research poses unique challenges and must be met with unique solutions.


Algorithm superiority is the only acceptable end-state. Our research, design and engineering teams connect theory with reality through years of experience developing streamlined, repeatable processes. While no two problems are exactly the same, patterns will often present themselves in ways a less-than-keen observer may not understand. This is where the Peregrine collective shines.


Code – translating the algorithm into a machine-usable format. Each algorithm designed to solve a technological issue is encapsulated within the code for the prescribed system. Coded solutions are defined by various software packages deployed to a platform for testing then deployed for use by our customers. Extensive alpha and beta testing make for an easy transition to production.